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End of Year Superb Dream-Pop

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End of Year Superb Dream-Pop

4dversary – “Falling 4ever” 

From Baltimore arrives 4dversary, about which little is known – very mysterious.

Simultaneously de-rezzed and glazed with hi-rez shimmering, jangly textures, “Falling 4ever” features gleaming layers of coloration. Lustrous leitmotifs swirl and intertwine, infusing the tune with transient suffusions.

Habitants – “Morgen”

Nijmegen, Netherlands-based ‘film music noir’ outfit Habitants recently released “Morgen,” a single lifted from their forthcoming album, slated to drop September 2012. Habitants is the new project of Rene and Hans Rutten, of The Gathering.  

“Morgen” delivers misty filaments of sound topped by Rene’s exquisitely haunting voice, imbuing the song with soaring arches of gorgeous notes, akin to spells and exsufflations.

Yellow Dudes – “Ordinary Films”

Yellow Dudes hail from Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico and dropped a new EP, entitled Ordinary Films, not long ago. The title track is lush, rife with velvety colors and glowing foamy synths.

Yellow Dudes is made up of Isabella Beru (vocals), Juan Martinez (guitar), Carlos Gil (guitar, bass), and Ramsés Cervantes (drums, synths, vocals).

Rosehip Teahouse – “No Gloom”

“No Gloom” is one of five new tracks from Rosehip Teahouse, which is based in Cardiff, UK and led by Faye Rogers. The EP featuring “No Gloom” is called Fine.

Platinum guitars accented by chrome tinctures ride a driving rhythm made up a crunching percussion and a fat, extended bassline. Percolating colors infuse the tune with bubbly hues as Faye’s deliciously chromium-plated timbres flow forth on delicate, elegant surfaces.

LEMOLO – “High Tide”

“High Tide” is off Lemolo’s latest album, Swansea, a gorgeously textured dream-pop album. Lemolo is the brainchild of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Meagan Grandall, who recently appeared on Pearl Jam’s new album, Gigaton.

“High Tide” jogs on a semi-driving rhythm, trembling with chop-sticky cadence, while Meagan’s wistful, delicate, drifting Siren-like voice glides and ripples overhead on shiny, crystalline tones.

Other not-to-be-missed tracks on Swansea include “South of Sound” and “Heart to Hand.” In fact, the entire album, all 11-tracks, is excellent.

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