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Ellakate: A Rising Artist, Reminiscent of Billie Eilish, Lana Del Ray, and Amy Winehouse, Knows How to Captivate Listeners on an Emotional Journey

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Ellakate: A Rising Artist, Reminiscent of Billie Eilish, Lana Del Ray, and Amy Winehouse, Knows How to Captivate Listeners on an Emotional Journey

Ellakate, formally known as Ella Greenbaum, is the new kid on the music block. She is a sensational alternative pop singer, songwriter, and artist. The young talent is building a name in the highly-competitive industry with her authentic music style and sound. She is also a multi-talented youngster with two releases under her musical belt. These tracks have been warmly received by her fast-growing fanbase as an inspiration for the young girl to keep going.

Music has been part of Ellakate for most of her life. Having discovered her passion for music at a young age, she began writing songs on her own. Her exceptional talent caught the attention of various music industry stakeholders, winning her an opportunity and the honor to work with non-profits like 500 Songs for Kids and the Ukulele Kids Club to spread the gift of music to kids facing life and medical challenges.

Outside of music, Ellakate is a three-time high school All-American saber fencer who has competed for ten years. Traveling internationally and representing the US as an athlete has allowed her to experience many different countries. Ellakate also features as an athlete and student with a profound love for exploring the diverse aspects of life. She is known for her passion for mental health and desire to share her knowledge and learn from others. “I have lots of stories to tell, that’s one reason I am a songwriter. Sometimes, I write from my own experiences, but often, I write to tell someone’s story, and I believe that everyone has a story worth telling,” she says.

Through her journey, Ellakate seeks to inspire others to understand that success is rarely a straight line. She had to work tirelessly, taking a step at a time while also celebrating the small milestones. This included facing and overcoming numerous setbacks. More importantly, Ellakate viewed a hurdle as a learning opportunity. “Every setback has a lesson, and that is where the real value is. Failure is the best teacher, and when you start to treat setbacks as opportunities to learn, you can truly improve,” she explains.

Today, she is a firm believer that perseverance pays off. If one approach does not work, try another, but never give up on your goals, whatever they may be. Work hard, stay dedicated, and put your heart into it; you will find your path. Success may not present itself how you would have designed it, but Ellakate encourages you to stay determined, and you will find your way. Ellakate is also working on putting out more music in the coming months. She is looking forward to collaborating and working with other music industry talents. To her, the goal is to push her limits while leveraging her craft to tell stories and inspire others. Ellakate’s biggest dream is to go on an international tour and get the opportunity to meet and engage with her fans globally. But for now, Ellakate is enjoying the ride, and she is super excited to share her passion with others.

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