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E.P. the Dreamer Never Stops Grinding

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E.P. the Dreamer Never Stops Grinding

Ean Polakov, better known to his fans as E.P. the Dreamer is a talented young creator based out of Los Angeles, California. He is an independent artist, producer, and audio engineer. E.P. the Dreamer has been songwriting since he was 13 years old and has been recording and mixing since he was 18 years old. After high school E.P. the Dreamer started to make music his true passion and went to school for audio engineering and production in order to level up and align himself with major labels and producers.

For years E.P. the Dreamer worked with some of the top artists and talents in the game with songwriting, production, recording, mixing, and mastering. E.P. the Dreamer is able to produce, mix, and master his own music. Usually, he co-produces or mixes his music when collaborating with another producer making him an extremely hands-on artist. E.P. the Dreamer recently just finished executive producing his first album with FACEvsIT which is part of the MMUPClan. E.P. the Dreamer executive produced, mixed, and mastered his 3FAC3s album set to release July 11, 2022.

E.P. the Dreamer is never going to let his fans go without new music and has new things coming this year. He has a project he is about to begin soon but is keeping the title under wraps for now. Later this year he will be working on an album executive produced by Willis from HRDRV. He will also be dropping more singles soon, one of which is a song about depression that hits close to home and is set to drop this summer. By July 2022, E.P. the Dreamer plans to release the title of his mystery project and also plans to release a music video that will help carry out his message. Follow E.P. the Dreamer on Instagram here. Follow E.P. the Dreamer on Spotify here.

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