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DJ Stakz Is Becoming An International Star

DJ Stakz
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DJ Stakz Is Becoming An International Star

Across the globe, the youth hold various views of what success is and how to achieve it. Success can mean many things to different people. For some, it is marrying the “right” person, having beautiful kids, acquiring wealth, or being popular. For others, it means being recognized and appreciated for one’s talents, whether they be in music, arts, sports, or another field.

Dj Stakz is a Haitian-American Exito DJ born in Brooklyn. He gathered the major influences of his father, also a musician, and his older brother. In the Big Apple and the concrete jungle of New York, Stakz adapted the winning position of the song “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” and it brought the artist great success. He is very talented and hardworking.

He has made his name with celebrities such as Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, MiG Arogan, and Wyclef Jean to name just a few. Creativity is rooted in his Haitian culture and has forged a bridge between urban demographics and Haiti / Caribbean demographics.

He is very a very versatile talent for not only spinning all genres of music but also being able to control the crowd with the mic. His confidence, charm, talent, unbelievable gifts, and ability to connect with people are a few that separates him from the rest.

Follow DJ Stakz on Instagram: @djstakz

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