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Dillon Forte – Rock Star of Tattoos

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Dillon Forte – Rock Star of Tattoos

One of the world’s premier tattoo artists Dillon Forte not only operates his two Sri Yantra Tattoo Studios in Oakland and Venice, California, he also manufactures a line of eco-friendly tattoo products via Forte Tattoo Tech.

Forte Tattoo Tech’s products are specifically aimed at professional tattoo artists who desire natural, environmentally safe materials.

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Forte explains, “Most products used in our industry are disposable and made from plastic or other petroleum products. Each time we toss something in the trash, there’s a bit of guilt. Something needs to change.”

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To generate environmentally sustainable supplies, Forte first had to do in-depth research on applicable constituents that would not only serve tattoo artists but simultaneously be biodegradable. Forte’s efforts led to the utilization of all-plant fiber decomposable alternatives, made from sugar cane, hemp, paper, and bamboo.

Along with an array of non-stop new products, Forte Tattoo Tech’s line-up includes Eco Razors, Eco Cling, PLA ink caps, cord sleeves, bottle bags, rinse cups, theurgy salves, Eco Pens, and clip cord sleeves.

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Forte’s prized Sacred Geometry tattoos, along with his blackwork and dotwork tattoos, draw inspiration from his worldwide travels. Delicately balanced with the organic flow of the skin, Forte’s tattoos are at once sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. His clientele includes celebrities such as Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons, Usher, movie star Chris Hemsworth, who Forte tattooed in Morocco, DeAndre Levy, Kehlani, and Kat Von D, among a host of others.

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Featured in Entertainment Tonight, Inked Magazine, TMZ, Men’s Health, and My Modern Met, because of his graceful designs and stylish creations, Forte is in high-demand, necessitating a waiting list of more than 12-months.

In addition to being a rock star in the world of ink, Forte’s talents include canvas art and sculpture.

As Dillon Forte told Inked Magazine’s Devon Preston, “I’m highly inspired by the mathematics of nature and the ancient wisdom traditions. I believe there is much to be gained from the study of all past and current cultures and further into antiquity antediluvian civilization.”

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