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Comedian JRobDarcel is Broadcasting his Talents via His Social Media Platforms

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Comedian JRobDarcel is Broadcasting his Talents via His Social Media Platforms

Detroit, Michigan, is home to up-and-coming comedian Jalen Darcel Robinson aka JRobDarcel, who uses various social media platforms to build his brand. J Rob is currently a full-time college student at Central Michigan University studying Sociology and Criminal Justice. When he isn’t busy hitting the books, he can be found making funny skits on both his Instagram and Tik Tok accounts.

With the sole purpose of putting a smile on someone’s face, J Rob is in the game for all the right reasons. He began taking his comical pursuits seriously after going viral on Tik Tok in mid-2020. It opened his eyes to the reach and impact on people that he could one day have. This very thought has kept him going to this day, and he is starting to see a return on his investment. With a Tik Tok following of 25.5 thousand people and counting, it is only a matter of time before his career as a comedian takes flight.

“Being able to help people with depression and put a smile on people’s faces every day is something I cherish. Having people tell me I’m who they look up to is a great feeling, and I want to build on that in 2021,” says J Rob. He is going down the right path with all the right intentions. This is a recipe of success for J Rob, whose comical skits will one day be on display for the world to see.

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