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Titan Davis Drops The Guillotine On Those Fakin The House Funk

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Titan Davis Drops The Guillotine On Those Fakin The House Funk

Titan Davis A.K.A. Dj Guillotine is a long time Chicago dj that KNOWS what house music is and what it isnt, he is a dj thats true to the house culture and community and has been putting out quality music and remixes for years and with the current so called “resurgence” of house music thanks to Drake and Beyonce dropping their new dance and house inspired albums, Titan wanted to let the people know that the true essence never left and that a classic is a classic for reason and a good remix can go a long way.

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This Wu-Tang Coalition dj just dropped his newest joint “Remixes, Edits, And Reworks” on Bandcamp. its a compilation of some funky house remixes and reworks from Titans vast musical mind something that will heat up the rest of the summer and keep the fall and winter warm as well

You Can Get The Album Here

Titan Davis Remixes Edits & Reworks by Titan Davis The Guillotine

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