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“Cant Stop Me” Was Just Released By Haya Elsamman

Haya Elsamman
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“Cant Stop Me” Was Just Released By Haya Elsamman

It’s been a long time coming for the young artist Haya Elsamman, but the time has finally come for her to release her music for the fans to hear. At the tail end of last month, the creative released a selected three-song EP including the track “Cant Stop Me.”

There’s a lot going on throughout Haya’s instrumental-only song “Cant Stop Me.” The song features numerous samples that were masterfully put together by Haya to create the beat you hear. No lyrics are needed on the song to show Haya’s skills as an artist.

“Cant Stop Me” was released by Haya Elsamman alongside “Astro” and “Next Up.” All three are available on Spotify. While no future music has been scheduled, I’m sure we will see something in the works soon.

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Check out “Cant Stop Me” below:

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