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Apollo Fresh Keeps His Creative Juices Flowing

Apollo Fresh
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Apollo Fresh Keeps His Creative Juices Flowing

Apollo Fresh was born in Bronx, New York, but raised in Broward County, Florida playing instruments and singing freestyle since he was 7 years old. He started getting creative and pursuing rap at the age of 15. Falling in love with this talent, Apollo Fresh realized he had to balance school and growing a career as well as making sure his mental health and wellbeing were not forgotten about. Through this balancing and well rounding experience, he learned that it’s important to embrace all aspects of yourself such as being yourself, working on yourself, and reaching your full potential. He finds that meditation plays a key role in this balance because balancing a career and school is one battle, but also fighting a mental battle is just as hard.

Apollo Fresh, had a hit his senior year of college with Jo Jo Pose at FGCU following many other underground shows in Florida. This activity slowly built comfort and confidence behind the mic and on stage as well. 

Apollo Fresh’s energetic and purposeful animation in character is embodied in his latest hit is “Gomu Gomu Bounce.” This song truly showcases his creative spin on the electricity and excitement that runs through anime. His unique expression for this passion shines through all his hits. If you search through Apollo Fresh’s Instagram, you will see his fan base’s nonstop love and support of his high energy and creative cross of music and anime.

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