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alekstwo’s Journey As An Artist

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alekstwo’s Journey As An Artist

“At the moment, my day is focused around video work, developing my skills with music and diving into NFTs. I’ve spent some time digging right into the space and find there’s huge potential here across different industries. It’s become a bit of an addiction,” independent music artist, alekstwo, answered when asked about what his day-to-day life is like.

In this new world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, alekstwo looks beyond his music and begins speaking about the success he’s found in the NFT space. On social media, he claims he’s made over six figures in one day through NFTs. While developing his music skills, he puts equal time into understanding the NFT space and ensuring his own success in that market. Being so knowledgeable and open to those that are looking to grow as well, it’s something alekstwo loves to do and hopes to always do. By being such an open book, there is much to see and much to learn.

Be sure to check out alekstwo and give all of his work a look. You can keep up with him on his official Instagram page here, as well as listen to all of his most recent releases from his official Spotify page, here. With new work and music on the way, there’s no better time to be well versed with alekstwo than now.

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