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A Quick Chat With Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin Of The Whiskey & Water Podcast


A Quick Chat With Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin Of The Whiskey & Water Podcast

Best friends Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin started The Whiskey & Water Podcast a little over two years ago. Since starting, they have grown exponentially in popularity and interviewed guests including Summer Fridays Founder Marianna Hewitt, Supermodel Emily Didonato and Netflix Star Chloe Veitch.

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Olivia Pascale Of The Whiskey & Water Podcast

How long have you both lived in Miami and what first attracted you both to the sunshine state?

O: I moved here from New York when I was just a baby so I didn’t have much say, but now that I was raised here I can’t imagine living anywhere else!
J: My dad was in the military so I was born here but then was raised in North Carolina for most of my childhood, then moved back here to start college. The warm weather and lifestyle attracted me!

For readers who haven’t listened to The Whiskey & Water Podcast, please tell us more about it!
O: Sure! Whiskey and water is a no BS podcast about female entrepreneurs and women in business. It started as a personal development/comedy show, but as we evolved in our careers we felt it was only right for the show to evolve with us. We rebranded at the start of 2021 and haven’t looked back!
J: We take pride in being extremely transparent with our audience, from our rates, to our inner most vulnerable topics, we lay it all out on the table in the hopes to inspire and validate our listeners.

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Jessica Martin Of The Whiskey & Water Podcast

You both come from a modeling background, having had huge success in the modeling industry with clients including Disney, Guess, Sketchers & Ulta. What did you both learn from your years in modeling & how did it shape you both into the businesswomen you are today?
O: I started modeling when I was 9 and I always say it was such a great way for me to learn professionalism at a young age. I learned how to conduct myself, how to take direction, and most importantly, how to handle rejection and not take it personally. I’ve always held that with me because that is a big aspect of being a business owner as well and I feel like I got great practice hearing “no” and not letting that stop me.
J: Modeling taught us to be comfortable in front of a camera, it taught us our angles, but most importantly it taught us our boundaries and how to communicate effectively, even when it’s uncomfortable. You have to advocate for yourself in the modeling industry as people will often try to take advantage.

How did you transition into Podcasting & Digital Marketing?
O:We decided to start the podcast because we had already been in the Influencer space and making an income from it, and honestly, we had shit to say! Being models for so long has a way of making you feel like you’re only good for your image, but we both knew we had more to offer the world than our looks.
J: Yeah, it was honestly a very natural thing for us to lean into. We we’re having these great conversations everyday just between the two of us that we felt like so many other people, young women especially, would benefit from hearing. That’s what really made us go for it.

You both recently announced you are expanding Mood The Agency into a full service digital agency, please tell us more! (This has changed since submitting our info- question can changed to asking about offering niched services)
O: We’ve realized that instead of trying to do everything, we are happiest when we are doing what we are good at and what we love. For that reason, we have decided to only offer a few select services being content creation (including tiktoks and reels), Social media account management, and influencer marketing. We can support brands in other ways by partnering with our network of agencies but here at Mood, those are the things we proudly offer in-house.

Favorite Restaurants In Miami?
O: Pura Vida, Carrot Express, MILA, Uchi!
J: Swan, Pubbelly Sushi, Coyo Taco, Freehold Pizzeria

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