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Young Adub Shows He is Legit in New Single “Far From Average”

Young Adub
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Young Adub Shows He is Legit in New Single “Far From Average”

Calling Blue Ridge, Georgia home, Young Adub is a talented artist who has been putting in the work to make a legitimate push in the music industry. Many artists today try to go into music blindly and believe they can muscle their way into the industry based on pure talent, but that is far from the case. Young Adub knows how the times have changed as he has adjusted his plan accordingly moving ahead.

Recently Young Adub blessed the ears of his fans by releasing his first new track of 2021 titled “Far From Average.” In the song, Young Adub raps about how he doesn’t have time for people that are average. He holds himself to a higher level and can no longer be brought down by those around him who are not striving to be better. 

On the constant pursuit of more, it is no surprise that Young Adub is no longer tolerating those who are average. With the dead weight of old people who used to hold him down now gone, look for 2021 to be a year for the books for Young Adub. If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that Young Adub has a bright future ahead of him.

Stream Young Adub’s “Far From Average” on Spotify here.

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