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Vendlertattoo Brags To His Haters on single “Don Dadda”

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Vendlertattoo Brags To His Haters on single “Don Dadda”

In so many of the various articles I write, I feel as if I need to introduce certain artists or set up the introduction to a new release so readers can get some backstory or a better understanding of the musician I’m talking about, but it definitely isn’t always necessary.

There are just certain emcees who have done so much throughout their careers and have already proven their worth, and I’d say that Vendlertattoo is someone who is at the very top of this list.

He obviously can spit rapid-fire bars better than anyone, his versatility is unmatched, his personality is something that always shines bright, and his inventiveness is never less than superb, so he can do no wrong in my book and I always have to check out new releases whenever he blesses us with them. “Don Dadda” is stellar and it’s clear that Vendlertattoo is a boss. From his cocky flow to his lavish flexing on social media, it’s clear that he portrays the rockstar image that fans fiend for nowadays.

This single is fire, and you should definitely give it a listen.

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