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Interview: JV Darapsinga Discusses Self Titled Album “I Am Javon”

JV Darapsinga
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Interview: JV Darapsinga Discusses Self Titled Album “I Am Javon”

Muzique Magazine Interviews JV Darapsinga.

When did the album drop?

May 8th, 2020.

Who executively produced the album?

Me, Javon Townes – JV Darapsinga.

Who is featured on the album? 

Ea$y Money, DJ Chubby Chub, Tey Phantom, Chaz King.

Where was the album recorded?

SureFire Recording studios.

What does the album mean to you?

Truth, freedom, growth and ummm legacy.

How did your fans receive it?

Shhhh…lol. Very well, sold over 40,000 units independently.

Why did you name your album “I Am Javon”?

First, I wanted to let people know simply I am Javon that’s my real name … and I wanted to strip myself of the old me musically, I just wanted to be me and have fun, and try new things really just wanted to be me.

What producers did you work with?

Explixit One, Jared Hancock, AceDaChemist, Jetson, I also produced a handful of records.

What are the singles?

1. “Summer Nights” was the first single that went crazy over in United Kingdom, thanks to the DJ’s that genuinely showed me love. I built a strong network across seas during the drop of ‘Summer nights”.

2. “Can I Come Over” this record I produced but again, DJ Soulbr heard the record and wanted to do a remix and then that song built a lot of momentum, for me.

3. ‘Run It” which is featuring my son Tey Phantom. This track is a catchy dance track sure to get the youth involved.

10. What’s next are you dropping another project or album? If so what is the name?

My next project is a 5 track EP called the J.O.A.T jack of all trades Summer 2022.

You can listen to JV Darapsinga here:

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