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Tyler Pauley is conquering the music scene and flying into stardom

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Tyler Pauley is conquering the music scene and flying into stardom

After a recent entry into the music scene, the artist known as Tyler Pauley is starting to prove that he belongs in the scene. With three big releases under his belt from this year alone, he’s rocking radio waves and making a scene in the local and even global music strata.

Hailing from Georgie, Tyler Pauley wanted to be a musician and a respected artist from a young age. Today, he’s at the starting line of both paths, and he’s starting strong. Everything started as a hobby. Still, he would soon start getting offers and calls from radio hosts, record labels, engineers, and managers that pretty much spoke to him and declared that he deserved a spot in the music industry.

“Honestly, music is just a creative way to get all of your feelings out,” explains the songwriter and artist. “So as long as I think everything sounds good while I’m making it, I’m all in. There are definitely people that would have never found my music if I stayed in the same lane.”

The artist has had a knack for networking early on, opening up and getting connections that most people his age or even older wouldn’t have. That brought him an edge, which he capitalized from day one. After years of building a solid network, he has turned into a household name across the Michigan Hip Hop scene, especially among Gen-Zers who make up most of his demographic. Although Tyler Pauley is also the kind of artist that older generations can enjoy, his songs carry a timeless rap and R&B rhythm that could cater to people from other walks of life.

The rapper, singer, and songwriter started by releasing his first single, “Patient”. Later, he would release two more tracks, “Motives,” and “Emotions.” He has created a strong start for himself and only promises to get better with time. What drives Tyler Pauley is his love for bringing his fans happiness through his music. “I love when my fans message me; it makes my day,” adds the rapper. “The fact that my music can inspire people means the world to me and has always been a goal of mine.”

Tyler Pauley remains hungry for more growth as a respected song artist. And given that he hasn’t even stepped into his twenties yet tells fans that he has more to offer in the coming days, including some new songs.

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