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Mhod’s new “Clandestino” is breaking all records this summer!

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Mhod’s new “Clandestino” is breaking all records this summer!

“Clandestino” is currently breaking records throughout the internet. There is no single streaming platform that it hasn’t hit yet. No doubt, Mhod has been placed on the map in this song. He has four Songs in his new EP released in 2022, “Inside My Brain”, “Clandestino,” “Keep Movin”, and “Third Eye”.

The songs were curated so that they could be played together. It gets clear since you just want to play them again and again once you have played them. Rumor Digital’s ability to create unique sounds and melodies is renowned.

In the song “Clandestino” this is clear. Even if you want, you can’t get the sound out of your head. Now, on all social media platforms, Mhod is trendy. Anyone familiar with house music is talking about Mhod right now. We expect a great deal more from Mhod in the coming years. The fans are eager to see what he has to offer in the future.

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