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Ukrainian Pop Star Tina Karol Shows Out on Single “Heaven”

Tina Karol
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Ukrainian Pop Star Tina Karol Shows Out on Single “Heaven”

Ukrainian pop star Tina Karol ended 2020 releasing her stand out single titled “Heaven.” The artist typically sings in her native language of Ukrainian but for this track she stepped out of her ways and had English lyrics.

Tina has been working hard on her new album, which is set to release at some point here in the next few months. The pop artist has been busy filling her role as a vocal coach on Ukraine’s edition of The Voice.

“Heaven” is built sonically with beautiful organic instrumentals, harmonic vocal runs, and lyrics about the turmoil of emotions that the feeling of love brings. Tina’s memorable chorus and simple lyrics fit the overall vibe of the track well. Check out Tina Karol’s “Heaven” below.

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