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The Integration of Music and AI With Wong Kwan Chi

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The Integration of Music and AI With Wong Kwan Chi

The skyrocketing progress and success in artificial intelligence and its applications have taken many by surprise. From playing chess to cooking food and making conversation, artificial intelligence has brought up many questions, and while some are fearful of its future uses, there are those with a broader and more positive vision. Among them is the musician and IT expert Wong Kwan Chi.

While most people think about what artificial intelligence can do, Wong is a visionary who is looking at the music industry and what AI can do for it. So far, artificial intelligence has shown promising results with logical decision-making. However, its capabilities in art and creativity are now only coming to light, and Wong is someone testing it by adding parts of AI-generated music into his songs.

Even though making music is something that Wong does as a hobby, it has gone extremely well for him, earning him hundreds and thousands of views across numerous music streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and more.

Some of Wong’s most popular songs include “March Forward,” “Shield Up,” “Return With Glory,” “Hiraeth,” and “Never Give Up.” His two most popular songs have gained more than 41,000 and 59,000 views each.

Wong has also utilized social media well and gained an impressive number of followers across several platforms. His Youtube has crossed 2.8K followers and another 26.8K+ on his Instagram.

Wong’s interest in music-making is one part of his life, while the other half is IT and technology. He co-founded an IT company called Axiox Media Technology, which works on numerous tech-related projects, such as integrating music with artificial intelligence and establishing new platforms.

One of Wong’s most recent projects is a roleplaying game called XGamer – AI Revolution. He made the game mentally stimulating while challenging at the same time, which has been well-received by gamers worldwide. The game takes players through several timelines, and it is made from the perspective of a camera, making it similar to how a movie is shot. These are factors that make it more entertaining and immersive to play.

As a gamer and IT enthusiast, Wong wants XGamer – AI Revolution to be a game that brings the player joy, entertainment, and mental stimulation.

Wong mentions how important talented and passionate people are when it comes to working together, and most of the time, they’re not found in the professional landscape. He mentions that if you want to find such people, you must go to offline events and participate to find them.

So far, Wong has done a great deal of work. He has started his own IT company, made music, and developed a video game. He is now working on integrating artificial intelligence with music, and he says his ultimate dream is to bring completely AI-compiled music to the market. With a series of successful projects already done and a great deal of innovation on the way, it’s easy to see that Wong’s vision of AI and music is positive, and he is pushing for it to become concrete. According to Wong, even though AI-generated music is only a theory, for now, it will come to life in the near future, and he hopes to be at the helm.

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