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Scott the Pisces Announces His Debut EP “Ocean Blue”

Scott the Pisces Announces His Debut EP “Ocean Blue”
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Scott the Pisces Announces His Debut EP “Ocean Blue”

Scott the Pisces is an Electronic Pop songwriter and producer from the United Kingdom. Previously known under the alias Spectrum, with hits such as “Take You There” with Ria Choony; In 2021 he looks to rebrand himself with his debut EP “Ocean Blue”.

The EP is set to release March 5th, and it features Canadian popstar Aleesia, who has previously worked with acts such as Martin Garrix & Big Sean.

When did you decide you wanted to rebrand under a new name?

Around March last year, I had just turned 22, and it had me thinking about life, my career, and what I need to achieve more than I have done. Ultimately I decided it’s time to relaunch myself under a name that’ll represent me more, and be completely unique in this world.

How did you come up with the concept for the EP?

Ocean Blue is a nostalgia-based project for the summer. I wanted to create an uplifting sound to help us get through these dark times. Something to have you reminiscing about the good times, while also looking to the future with optimism and hope. A soundtrack to creating new memories. I knew it had to be heavily Pop inspired, with catchy hooks and melodies, driving beats. The perfect vibe for any occasion.

Scott the Pisces Announces His Debut EP “Ocean Blue”
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How do you pick the artists you work with?

I tend to listen to a bunch of upcoming artists, it really varies based on the project I’m working on. For Ocean Blue, I knew I wanted to have a warmer, more gentle aspect to the record. It’s the reason I chose the artists I featured on the EP; their vocals are incredible and they absolutely nailed the feel of what I was going for.

What can we expect from Scott the Pisces this year?

I’m looking to release a few more singles throughout the year, venturing down different paths into new genres for me. To work with more incredible acts, and to establish myself fully as an artist, songwriter, and producer. Relaunching is a big step for me, and I’m going to give it my all to see where it takes me.

What do you need the fans to do to support you?

Keep engaged with me on social media, comments, and messages, I do reply. Share the music with your friends, make memories. When first streaming the music, please listen to the whole way through without skipping, it really helps the streaming platforms push my music to a wider audience based on the data.

You can find Scott the Pisces on all social media which is @Scottthepisces across the board.


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