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Saucemankeys Delivers Hot New Single “2 Much Pride”

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Saucemankeys Delivers Hot New Single “2 Much Pride”

Having been in a car that flipped multiple times after going 60 miles an hour, artist Saucemankeys knows what it is like to look death in the eyes and come out on the other side. He’s overcame and battled back from that accident, reassuring him that nothing can stand in his way when he puts his mind to it. His immense passion for music and desire to live a better life has led him to go all in on his dreams as 2021 slowly comes to an end. 

Investing his time and energy into his music career Saucemankeys recently released a hot new single titled “2 Much Pride” and it is a must listen. From the harmonious vocals to the easy flowing beat, the song captivates listeners from beginning to end. As Saucemankeys and Ki’Amora hit on the subject of putting your pride to the side instead of letting it cause problems in your life, it becomes clear that this song is one-of-a-kind. Saucemankeys showcases his talent and lets the world know he has what it takes with this one.

2 Much Pride” is an essential song for everyone’s playlist and don’t be surprised when you hear more people listening to it as time goes on. He has set the standard high for the future and it is going to be thrilling to watch Saucemankeys dreams come to fruition. Stay up to date as Saucemankeys is a rising artist you will not want to miss out on.

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