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Ronnie Diez aka Diez. is Priming Himself for a Great Year Ahead

Ronnie Diez
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Ronnie Diez aka Diez. is Priming Himself for a Great Year Ahead

Every artist has a unique perspective to share. New Jersey is home to Ronnie Diez aka Diez., a singer, songwriter, and actor. Diez. grew up in an Italian-Spanish family, listening to R&B and pop music on a regular basis, completely unaware that he would one day be putting out R&B/hip hop music for the world to enjoy.

When he was younger, Diez. was an avid hip-hop dancer who seized every chance he had to entertain. His artistic path took off when he moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles at a young age to test the waters of acting and music. Today, he enjoys being involved with something that helps him to share his creativity––whether it’s fashion or songwriting, he was born to live this way.

With his eyes set on the prize and a recent partnership with New York’s 1Moore Studios, Diez. is in a prime position to accomplish everything he has in mind for 2021. Keep an eye on Diez. as it will be exciting to see how far he goes and how this partnership plays out over the course of his career.

Follow Diez. on Instagram here.

Stream Diez.’s music on Spotify here.

Check out Diez.’s latest music video for his song “En Mi Cabeza” on YouTube below:

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