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Rapper mithrilblue Offers up New Single “honest”

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Rapper mithrilblue Offers up New Single “honest”

Portland, Oregon Rapper mithrilblue is taking the music industry by storm in 2021. Loving the ability to express himself, make people feel good, and inspire others through his music is the best part of it for the young artist. Mithrilblue recently released his latest single, “honest,” and it is well worth the listen. 

Honest” is the newest release by mithrilblue, and it features the likes of Parker Howell. Together, the dynamic duo lays down their emotions throughout the track and pulls at fans’ heartstrings. With the central meaning behind the song being based on a past love and being honest about not being over it, mithrilblue knocks it out of the park with this one.

As time goes on and mithirlblue continues to advance as an artist, be sure to keep an eye on him. There’s no telling where he could be with do time.

Follow mithrilblue on Instagram here.

Stream mithrilblue’s new single “honest” on Spotify here.

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