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Ralan Styles Is A Pure Talent

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Ralan Styles Is A Pure Talent

Ralan Styles, born Michael Andre Robinson, is a young and talented rapper who is based out of Tallahassee, Florida. The artist began recording music in late 2019 and has recently gained a lot of notoriety in the underground scene with his record “Baby Shark” which is taking the industry by storm. The song showcases Ralan Styles’s catchy songwriting and laid back delivery which has got a lot of people tuning in. with his raw talent and knack for creating catchy hooks, the sky is the limit for the young rapper. Ralan Styles continues to hone his craft and develop his social media-friendly style to allow for more hits to reach the mainstream.

So, many are wondering how Ralan Styles is able to be so successful at just 20 years old and just 3 years into the music business. These stats have a lot of people asking what Ralan Styles does that makes him stand out. Well, no one can deny the artist’s raw talent for music and the impressive ability for songwriting. However, the artist also has a knack for marketing himself and his music. He uses his young age and ability to navigate social media to his advantage as he takes to TikTok, a popular social media app, to tease and promote his music. This strategy earned his song “Baby Shark” over 10 million views on the platform in just 3 weeks. He continues to use this platform and others to promote himself and his music, amassing over 1 million streams on his Spotify as well. To hear this song and more, check out Ralan Styles on all platforms.

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