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Pharroh Afternoon’s Long Anticipated Album Drops on June 21st

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Pharroh Afternoon’s Long Anticipated Album Drops on June 21st

Jayvaughn Benson, known to his followers as Pharroh Afternoon, is a talented musician from Chicago, Illinois. Pharroh Afternoon began his career in the music of his parent’s basement. When he was eight, he was inspired by his sister and has been fascinated by the art form ever since. Pharroh Afternoon has been on the road since the beginning, doing local shows, chatting with DJs, making school visits performing pop-up shows, open-air concerts, and giving out CDs. The journey hasn’t always been smooth for Pharroh’s Afternoon, as the group had to overcome their fear of failing. In the sixth grade, he was a failure, and it taught him the importance of facing any situation head-on and beating every obstacle to make his goals become a reality. These challenges were not without a win. Pharroh Afternoon’s most memorable achievement was appearing on stage with Chance to be the Rapper. This was a turning point in her career and had only been going on since then.

Pharroh Afternoon has been plenty of motivation throughout his entire career, including for his family and himself. As a committed fan of hip hop, one of his first influences was Jay Z. Pharroh Afternoon was impressed by the way he mastered flow and told stories through music, which encouraged him to use that technique in his songs. Pharroh Afternoon is working on several projects and is looking forward to coming out with his debut album “Turnt to Rockstar P,” which will be released on June 21st, 2022. There’s also one song due to be released on May 27th, titled “Another Day,” a love song that ends with a message that gives the listener the possibility of a new future. Keep an eye out for these and many other projects out of Pharroh Afternoon. You can stream Pharroh Afternoon on Spotify.

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