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Nxxses: A Versatile Rising Star from South Carolina

Nxxses: A Versatile Rising Star from South Carolina
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Nxxses: A Versatile Rising Star from South Carolina

In the heart of South Carolina, a musical phenomenon known as Nxxses has been steadily making waves in the music scene. With a unique blend of Trap Metal, Dark Trap, Alternative Hip-Hop, and Metalcore/Deathcore, Nxxses is one that will soon catch the attention of music enthusiasts all around the world. Let’s dive into Nxxses’ journey, from humble beginnings to a promising future.

Like many aspiring artists, Nxxses’ desire to create music was ignited during his childhood, when he listened to an array of genres on the radio, CDs, and streaming platforms. Initially drawn to rap legends like Eminem and Denzel Curry, Nxxses’ musical interests expanded to include lesser-known artists like Jake Hill and Josh A. Over the years, he explored alternative genres like rock and eventually delved into more intense styles such as metalcore and deathcore. This diverse musical background laid the foundation for Nxxses’ unique fusion of genres.

Despite facing numerous challenges and moments of self-doubt, Nxxses persevered. One significant turning point came after the release of his first album when he realized the need for change and improvement to thrive in the music scene. The lack of immediate validation from his local community and friends only fueled his determination to prove himself.

Throughout his musical journey, Nxxses experienced pivotal moments that shaped his career. In early 2021, following the release of his first deathcore EP, “Planetary Devastation,” Nxxses underwent a drastic shift in his recording approach. He revamped his team, bringing in new engineers, Alex Sevigny for metal projects and David Woronoff for alternative and trap styles. This change in personnel contributed to his evolving sound and style.

In early 2022, after the success of his single “Take My Heart,” Nxxses found his unique musical voice. He worked on expanding his versatility and released a series of successful singles that propelled them further into the music scene. By April 2023, he had collaborated with numerous artists, both virtually and in real life, and even ventured into live performances outside his local area. When we spoke to Nxxses, he told us that doing so led to his new EP with Aku No Heavy, called “CAROLINA KILLSTREAK”, which they finished in only a week.

Nxxses’ uniqueness as an artist lies in his remarkable versatility and independence. They are known for their ability to tackle a wide range of genres, from electronic and chiptune to deathcore and doom metal. What sets them apart is not just his music but also his hands-on approach. Nxxses is deeply involved in various aspects of his projects, from composition and engineering to graphic design, logos, and even merch design.

Nxxses’ music is a reflection of his life and personal journey. While they don’t aim to deliver a sermon, a recurring theme in his music could be summarized as “Don’t doubt me.” His music is a testament to his determination and resilience.

Nxxses draws inspiration from fellow artists, his family, and his faith in God. These sources of inspiration have been instrumental in his journey. His goal is simple yet profound: to succeed, support his loved ones, and leave a lasting legacy through his music.

As of now, Nxxses has just released the EP “CAROLINA KILLSTREAK” with fellow North Carolinian Aku No Heavy, which has garnered significant attention. However, Nxxses shows no signs of slowing down. They have a packed release schedule for the rest of the year, with collaborations, features, and solo projects lined up.

In November, Nxxses is set to drop an epic 7-vocalist, 8-minute deathcore track featuring a talented lineup of artists such as Moon Devoured, Tyrantula FL, Pura Malum, Slaughter The False Prophet, Memento Mori, and Atlantis. Beyond that, his plans for 2024 include more features, collaborations, and possibly an album.

In the world of music, Nxxses is an artist to watch, and his journey is just beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting releases and collaborations from this rising star.


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