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Nirmel Mouchiquel Talks About His Craft, Sense of Style, and more

Nirmel Mouchiquel Talks About His Craft, Sense of Style, and more
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Nirmel Mouchiquel Talks About His Craft, Sense of Style, and more

How did you come by your stage name?

If the question is to know when I started my musical professional activities, there are two dates: the 31st march of 1994 at Beaune theater near Dijon in France (EU) when the show has been diffused by RCF-Parabol Radio live on the whole planet, and the second date is 1996, October the 6th, when I generated ‘Merlin Productions/Studio Karnatic’/MNM Editions’ and now since 2022, ‘Research and Development Center about the Music of Kâli – CRDMuKa’

When did you discover your love for your craft and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in it?

I have always been interested in practicing clarinet I started at 4 or 5 years old, and I was a good student, then it was a pleasure to practice, even for examinations. I discovered jazz and improvisation at the ‘lycée Le Castel’ in Dijon, in a lycee association, when I was 17, in 1992.

Then, I had a very good note to enter to Conservatory of Dijon, in the Superior class of clarinet and in solfegia ‘Diplôme’ in two years, before DEM ‘Dipôme d’Etudes Musicales’. But, when I had to pass the first examination in clarinet class when the Superior was in only one year of courses, I had started concerts, and there were jalousies around me. It was before the rwandasis genocide, and nobody in these jalous wanted me to obtain the gold medal, the first price, and I obtained the best results, with Très Bien mention in solfegia, 1st medal in instrumental spontaneous reading, Bien mention in chamber music for a trio piece, but the medal I did not have.

It is to notice something I remembered just a few days ago: I have an international diploma from the UFAM, Union des Femmes Artistes Musiciennes which is dated one year before, in 1993, when I obtained the 2nd price at the Unanimity of jury, knowing the has not been this year any 1st prize. So, it is impossible to obtain the best results and for resuming a 1st price in an international concours, and do not obtain the same in a conservatory diplome examination, adding the fact I had started to federate public and musicians around my jazz practice.

As I knew the university doesn’t teach existentialism and feminism, Sartre and De Beauvoir philosophy, I decided to not pass the baccalaureat, and I soon knew I was not totally white and not totally black of skin color and with a good musician reputation. I decided to become professional and independent and not contact majors to keep my independence. I can add I have had contact with a good major I won’t cite the name, but I refused to sign with it.

Nirmel Mouchiquel Talks About His Craft, Sense of Style, and more

To what or whom do you accredit your sense of style?

I have practiced then classical, progressive rock, some ragas, and in general oriental or Indian, African rhythmic, contemporary, jazz, and electroacoustic music. I decided to make a mix of all this, at the clarinet, the bass clarinet, and the sax. I’m interested in improvisation. I then decided to newly compose, but with this musical luggage in memory.

I decided also to try to discover new composition technics, and that is: I need music software that does not exist in what is sold and I am informatically coding it nowadays, I will soon have finished the 1st part, but I had to newly calculate and solve equations. So, I still practice music with philosophy and mathematics in it, and I discovered two new methods of conceptualizing what we call solfege, the modes, then I named them ‘Modes Parallélants’ and ‘Modes Cristallins’.

It is founded on permutations and series. This is how I stopped concerts, knowing, in addition, I have a new microprocessor building mathematical knowledge I build myself, and knowing I have studied autodidactically the counterpoint and fugua writing, that I applied writing ’40 fugues créatives sur des sujets de concours pour le Prix de Paris entre 1813 et 1901′, and all this is about ten hours a day without holidays working.

I have not a second to teaching activity, and teaching is also a professional activity, I cannot mix with artistic goals. If you want details about what can contain my mathematics without my microprocessor building secret and without my modes way of solfegia that is also more or less secret, then you can refer to legal sites about my writings and to the BnF, the ‘Bibliothèque Nationale de France’ where there is one of each book I have auto-edited, named my ‘Esthetic’ or ‘Traité d’Acoustique’. That is my conception of ‘style’: progressism without studying and reflecting is impossible and it is a good thing.

What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

One of my best results is to not been dead or traumatized by genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and nobody knows if I have gone there one day, but the french army. This is where people who tried to make me desperate for my studies and capacities have lost, as you can say in martial arts ‘Each attack looses’ comparatively to Poutine, and his army have soon lost, not only for me but for logical reasons and this logical martial reason. Do you know Yang Martial Arts Association in the USA?

There is a great doctor who taught me chi gongs that can tell one or two words to you about this, and even in Aïkidô I used to practice when I was twelve years old, we say this, that is why there is there no competition. In Kyudô you can find the same principle. In each complete martial art, you can find this, so fighting is not necessary. In Dijon, after millenars of Poujadism, Progressist have been electeds, and nobody has had the need to kill or break even torture or humiliate conservatists for this.

A defensive attitude in a peaceful mind and society is better than wars and conflict situations, as, and I am a man as I tell this, we do not need violence even sexual violence, and tenderness is for couples that are in love, with ‘the Good One’, not one or numerous another one(s). We do not need to try, just to be in love each instant with the Good One, till we can find it and live for eternity in harmony with the peace of two hearts beating in consonance without hurting.

This does generally not please to conservatism way of thinking. They cannot genetically rebirth eternally. It is not in contradiction with Krishna, Ganesh, or Jesus, or other prophet’s teachings. Fidelity is the foundation of faith. Rebirthing or reincarnation is a genetic process, a chromosomic process, an assembly of an ‘X’ and with an ‘X’ or ‘Y’ second and branch, and the assembly must be good in order to progress and not degenerate in trisomies. It is a good mathematical logical principle by Nature.

Nirmel Mouchiquel Talks About His Craft, Sense of Style, and more

Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?

It is too the public of my artistic goal activities to say so or not. What I know about myself is that I stay alive and in a better psychocorporeity than when I was a child or a teenager, thinking that intelligence is reflexive, thinking firstly, and making the best choices it can be, assuming the metaphysical solitude, using criticizing spirit every moment not only one time a day before sleeping for a sort of auto-analyze.

Living in harmony with Nature even at more than billions of galaxy clusters of the Earth, knowing that everything is sound more or less dense, knowing that ‘Art’ and ‘Terre’ are two symmetric words, thinking, cultivating, making mathematics and philosophy firstly, trying to make only what is Just, what is to be done to participate to the Beauty of the infinite Universe, thinking to how to conceptualize logic in each domain even in everyday life, thinking about sense and senses or sensei probably if we chronologically etymologically translate the plural of sense, meaning or meanings. The question is then: What is Good and how to make this Good happen?

You can add we have progressed from slave societies to democratic societies in republics, as the sky contains all ideas in formal realizations: if we consider there are translating ameliorations to the Bible to do, why not say that Jesus talked about the ‘Republic of the Skies’ and not the ‘Royaume des Cieux’? In french language, we say “Seigneur, sauve-nous/protège-nous des tentations’ and so on, but why not saying ‘Soigneur, éloigne de nous’ and so on?

It probably has more significance. Do you know since 1996 there are at minimum two molecules that can purge the body, reduce alcoholism or drug dependency, treat fevers, help with medical treatments, and these modern-contemporary medications do not contain drugs? It is as the host you can receive saying it is ‘My Body’.

I do not know if I have the authorization to cite the names of these two molecules, but you can ask to your doctor and to the OMS, the Organization Mondiale de la Santé, in Geneva, if I remember well, I have personally written to them to inform them of this. Conservatists, in addition to psychoanalysis, during more than six hundred million days, can cure with one of these two medications.

What are your plans for the near future?

I have no plan for the future, but only one, goal, and it needs Progressism: Peace on Earth and in the Sky. It I the same goal I had when I was dreaming and I had two years old, with my teddy bear, in an armchair, dreaming about flowers and roses.

Nirmel Mouchiquel Talks About His Craft, Sense of Style, and more

Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shoutouts?

Someone I’d like to thank? Any shout-outs? Yes, I have something to shout, even if it is not a concrete verbal shout, a sort of revendication. If you consider the war between Ukraine and Russia, that Poutine and the Russian army are loosing, and it is legitime for Ukrainian people to defend and protect themselves even if they need military help from other countries in the world as from USA or Europe.

That is cooperation in order to permit them to access to french a European application of Charts of Fundamental Rights and their Environment on Earth and in the Skies, citing the complete name, and to access to a democratic sustain, knowing nobody needs new colonization made by Russian attitude helped probably by monarchists, so conservatism, in other countries, as I do not consider this sort of bipolarity as usually said occident meaning capitalistic and orient meaning socialist because I know it is not a realistic geopolitical conceptualization to say this opposition by the filter of marxist-leninist theory, then you can hear me telling there has been an enormous tentative from Poutine to manipulate Europe and the world by what happened to this singer, Kate Soul, and the injustice she had not to see at the Eurovision international competition is for me and for numerous people, as in orient as in occident, unacceptable.

Can you imagine that the jokes of Russian proposal of star system music versus the sincerity of what sings Kate Soul in the whole of History can be accepted? No. I have to denunciate the corruption here about this event, which has made Poutine be sure to win his war, a war that he is losing, as Ukraine is in a defensive position. Kate Soul had to obtain the first prize, it is no doubt for everybody even in the future. I had to tell this literally. Badness has an end, Goodness is for Eternity. So, I ask for the truth about this competition where it is evident we do not need Russian tzarist and monarchist jokes. They do not have written the rules of the Universe, it is Nature itself that has decided as only musicality stays in the Universe, the noise is always going in the quasars, and jokes are noisy. Everything is sound, including densities of sound, but the whole Universe is not totally musical. It will be, as the first meaning, the first sense of the Universe is to be as an artistic piece that progresses infinitely. That is natural selection. It is Good.

How can fans find you?

If you want to know what I have written, my music pieces, or recorded, even “La Fin de Satan’ that has been written by Victor Hugo and prooves there is no Satan in the Universe, fact that conservatism do not accept, so go and visit my Soundcloud page: . And if you want to read some free legal pages of my Esthetique, then you can find some of my writings in the site or in Scribd… or at the BnF, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?

Be Just, in order to rebirth better and better, and for this, you need to search for the Good One and to be Fidel with them. If not, life has no pity and will make you go to the trash of the Universe, in Quasars, going from Charybd to Scylla more and more: organs must not be polluted, brain and heart, principally.


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