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Nia Asiel Ascending the Ranks of the Music World

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Nia Asiel Ascending the Ranks of the Music World

Nia Asiel is swiftly ascending the ranks of the world of music. Her musical journey began when she was just a child. In high school, Nia Asiel built a recording studio inside her home and began remixing music on SoundCloud. To her surprise, she started to explode and created quite a following. In the years that followed, Nia Asiel began creating her own music that was authentic to her to make her story known to the world.

Presently, Nia Asiel is an independent artist. After enduring some difficult moments, Nia Asiel draws upon her personal experiences to write her passionate lyrics through her songs. The ability to develop her craft using pen and paper at a very young age, allows Nia Asiel to draw an incredible picture within the minds of the audience. She’s truly one of the best storytelling artists in the industry. If you listen to her songs, Nia Asiel intends for her listeners to know that they’re not the only ones in their struggle. There’s always a way to overcome setbacks in any way. Believe in yourself, regardless of what others think.”

When it comes to music creation, Nia Asiel is extremely careful in her music production process. She only collaborates with producers with who she can connect and feel comfortable with the beats they use. She usually works together with Matthew May and Hennen. Their ability to play multiple instruments permits Nia Asiel to be her best side whenever she’s in the studio. In the past, Nia Aisel dropped her latest track “No Phase”. The song’s inspiration is being used by someone you cherish deeply. The lyrics of the singer are very relatable and will resonate with anyone who hears them.

Nia Asiel is gearing up for a big 2022 year. She’s always on the stage and will release loads of music over the course of the summer. She hopes to propel her work to new heights by bringing her music to many millions. Listen to “No Phase” on Spotify and on all the major platforms. Make sure to follow the artist’s Instagram for updates on her work. updated on her next body of work.

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