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Mitchell Pines: The Toronto Content Creator Spreading Positivity Throughout 2020 and Striving Towards Larger Goals in the Coming Year

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Mitchell Pines: The Toronto Content Creator Spreading Positivity Throughout 2020 and Striving Towards Larger Goals in the Coming Year

“I am producing content each day on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. I want to continue that with my own platform but also help others do the same.” Throughout 2020, 19-year-old Toronto native Mitchell Pines had found himself in front of a whole new world of opportunity after he surpassed 25,000 followers on Instagram. The surge in his following came as Pines began creating more original content that incorporates comedy with everyday life. Now poised for an even bigger 2021, Pines hopes to take full advantage of his new career path.

“I want people to leave my content with a lasting impression, to have a laugh, leave them with a smile, and to come back for more entertainment and positivity,” shares Pines. The young content creator amassed his noticeable following on Instagram while creating comedic videos about his day-to-day life and following a few popular online trends and dances. His rise on Instagram seemed to coincidentally occur with the rise of the video-sharing social media app Tik Tok, which Pines is looking to conquer next. “I would like to represent myself as a well-known influencer and content creator through Instagram, and I am trying to build my audience now on other platforms, such as Tik Tok and YouTube.”

Amidst his recent successes, Mitchell Pines keeps his eyes set on a much larger goal that he has in mind. Inspired by well-recognized content creator Brent Rivera and his digital content studio, Amp World, Pines hopes to work his way into a similar position. Currently, majoring in production and minoring in business at Toronto’s Ryerson University, the ultimate goal for Mitchell Pines is to create a platform himself, through which he can guide and help launch the careers of other hopeful content creators. “I am a student that’s driven to help others do what they love,” Pines shares. With an endless amount of positive energy radiating from himself and his videos, Mitchell Pines seems to have the determination necessary to emerge as a prominent influencer in the wide world of social media.

As he steams ahead towards a big year in 2021, follow Mitchell Pines on Instagram and on Tik Tok.

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