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MissMurrayMiaa Opens Up On ‘No Dry Eyes’

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MissMurrayMiaa Opens Up On ‘No Dry Eyes’

MissMurrayMiaa has always had a passion for making music. The artist grew up listening to music from a young age, always dreaming of making it big as a star. 

The singer and songwriter recently decided to pursue her passion further, releasing a handful of singles on all digital platforms. “I have been working on these songs for so long. Dabbling in all different types of music. I knew it was time to show the world what I’ve been working so hard on,” explained MissMurrayMiaa. 

MissMurrayMiaa opened up 2022 with a set of three vocal-less tracks but recently dropped a brand new single that showcases her beautiful voice. MissMurrayMiaa’s newest single, titled ‘No Dry Eyes’ showcases a softer side of her artistry, featuring a melodic instrumental and lyrics about going through heartache over someone you love. 

You can listen to MissMurrayMiaa below: 

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