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Mateo Gribbly Creates A Mood On New Single “En La Mia”

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Mateo Gribbly Creates A Mood On New Single “En La Mia”

Capitalizing on the success of his earlier singles, Mateo Gribbly has returned with an emotional carol on “En La Mia.” The fans asked for more, and he delivered. So far, the Miami artist has shown he simply cannot miss.

Floating over progressive guitar chords and steadfast percussive, Mateo infuses his voice with deep emotions as he tackles issues in his life. While he’s made his presence as a hit-making singer known, he uses this track to show that he can do so without cutting out any of his thoughts and feelings. All in all, the track is an example of Mateo’s versatility and his ability to make quite literally anything catchy.

Given his track record, it’s safe to say that Mateo Gribbly is on a hot streak at the moment. As the Miami artist continues to explore his sound, fans can expect to receive what they’ve been getting from Mateo: party-worthy hit singles.

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