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Lunchi Interview with Muzique Magazine

Lunchi Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Lunchi Interview with Muzique Magazine

Hi Luchi, welcome back to Muzique Magazine, how have you been since we last spoke?

Hey, thanks for having me back. I’ve been good thanks. I was out in LA for a few weeks working which was lovely. If I’m 100% honest, I’ve had a mental health dip this past week and I was really struggling. I think it’s important to be honest about these times because of the world we live in, with social media and comparing your life to people’s highlight reels, I want to share the real things and how even though you can be smiling on the outside, inside there can be turmoil going on. I’m someone who really struggles with their self-worth and confidence so being able to talk about it really helps me and I hope it makes people feel not so alone.

    Tell us all about your new powerful new single Mountain?

    Mountain is a really special song to me. It was written last year and it was inspired by a conversation that I had with someone close to me who has addiction issues. I was trying to get them to get help and they just didn’t feel strong enough. It was horrendous to be on the other side watching someone you love in self-destruction.

    It takes so much strength to pull yourself out of rock bottom and start the healing journey so you have to build up that resilience in yourself to take on the fight. Your demons can be so loud and powerful sometimes, that our heads can really be a hard place to live. I have been there before with my own mental health journey so I could relate and also used some of my own experience in the song. The lyric video really brings the story to life and my biggest hope for this song is that it helps anyone who is struggling to know they aren’t alone.

    Lunchi Interview with Muzique Magazine
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    Lunchi Interview with Muzique Magazine

    How much of your songs come from personal experience and how much is storytelling?

    Every song has my story in it somewhere as I think that the best songs come from personal experience, it makes it relatable. We all have different experiences in life but we all feel the same emotions so I try to make the songs relatable in that sense. Like Mountain, being inspired by a conversation with someone else but then when I was writing it, I was drawing on my own experiences to allow me to empathize and bring the story to life.

    You are a mental health advocate as well as an artist so tell us more about your passion for that?

    Well, it’s something that means a lot to me. As someone who lives with mental illness in the form of PTSD and BPD (borderline personality disorder), I want to help remove the stigma often related to mental health struggles. In 2014 I ended up in a psychiatric unit after trying to take my own life. I was at rock bottom and I really didn’t see any hope left.

    It was the most difficult time of my life but I was lucky to be able to get treatment and start my recovery journey which sadly a lot of people aren’t able to do due to funding cuts and availability. We are all on a spectrum of mental health that goes up and down, but for people who are living with mental illness, it can be a daily battle. When I first started talking about my mental health journey, it wasn’t something many people were talking about.

    I think to remove the shame and stigma often associated with certain conditions, we must bring these issues to light and tell our stories honestly. It is much more openly talked about now so we are getting better but there is a lot of work still to do.

     Do you think is the difference being a LGBTQI+ artist compared to other heteronormative artists out there?

    I think there are some differences in terms of acceptance and people’s views, especially in certain territories, and being part of a minority can open you up to online trolling. I’ve had it a few times where my songs have been shared in certain homophobic groups and they have launched an attack on my socials but that’s what the block button is for haha.

    My page is not a place for hate speech and even though there is an argument for exposing these people, to be full of that much hate for someone or a group of people you don’t know shows that they must have their own issues going on. My mum taught me as a kid “to live and let live” and I think that people could take that on board more often. Our differences are what make the world beautiful and unique so let’s embrace it rather than fear it.

    If you had one wish for your music career what would it be?

    For me, it’s not about money or fame so my wish would be to be able to do this for the rest of my life and that the people who listen to my music find some healing in it.

    Lunchi Interview with Muzique Magazine
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    Lunchi Interview with Muzique Magazine

    Tell us about your life outside of music?

    Music takes up a large chunk of my life as it’s also my passion, but I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family, traveling, and going to the gym, I’m a big podcast listener and I’m a big documentary buff. I mean I also watch reality TV when I want a bit of headspace but I love to learn about new things and humans fascinate me. The way people act and what makes them who they are is something I love to learn about.

    You’ve had an image change up recently, tell us what inspired that?

    Well, I started looking after myself physically and got back to the gym and eating healthier as I wanted to rejig that part of my life so I felt more confident and comfortable to be a bit more flamboyant with my clothing and look. I have had and have had a lot of confidence issues and tried to kind of blend in as I didn’t want to be noticed because that can bring negative attention as well but I’m a 6ft 4, broad built, loud Glaswegian so blending isn’t really gonna work.

    In all seriousness, it is just me getting more confident in my skin and expressing myself through my looks as well as my art. I love a slogan T-shirt so if you read my T-shirt that day, it can usually tell you what’s going on in my mind haha.

    What is your top tip for a successful career?

    Simply be you. Be unique, find your lane, and release the music you’re proud of. Every artist has an audience that will enjoy what they are doing so don’t change for anyone as you want to be happy with who you are and what you are putting out there.

    Remind our listeners where they can follow you online?

    I’m on Instagram at and TikTok at so follow me on there for all the updates.

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