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Let Nothing Stop You: 8 Ball’s Newest Single “Cant Stop Me Now” Is Out Now!

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Let Nothing Stop You: 8 Ball’s Newest Single “Cant Stop Me Now” Is Out Now!

The newest track from anonymous 8 Ball takes his listeners on a musical roller coaster. Its popularity is rising every day as more and more people are streaming it. 8 Ball has truly taken the industry by surprise with this one.

Even though no one knows who he is, the same cannot be said for 8 Ball. He knows exactly what the fans want and curates his music satisfying those needs. As the title of his song, he too is simply unstoppable.

“Cant Stop Me Now” is truly a song that separates him from other artists. Rumor Records have gone all out with this particular track. They have spared no expense in ensuring the mastering and production of this track is nothing short of phenomenal.

If you are on the lookout for the next sensational talent in house music, then look no further, 8 Ball is your guy. Alongside his single he has released an EP this year that contains two songs: “Right Here” and “Right Now”. The songs have been produced very carefully and intricately. They are slowly on the rise. We have 8 Ball and Rumor Records to thank for these amazing songs.

 Listen to “Cant Stop Me Now” on Spotify Here:

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