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Jaysenlazy is Gearing up to Drop “Suicidal Depression”

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Jaysenlazy is Gearing up to Drop “Suicidal Depression”

 Jaysen Walker, who goes by the stage name Jaysenlazy, is putting the music industry on notice due to his undeniable lyrical talent. Growing up in Compton, CA, Jaysenlazy was exposed to an extremely harsh environment, so he used music as an outlet to escape. He saw what music did for so many others who have experienced similar circumstances and knew he had what it took to turn his dream into a reality. Jaysenlazy developed a burning desire for music and has been working on his craft ever since he was a young man. 

Jaysenlazy is currently an independent artist. He describes his music as sad, sexual, and angry. Having overcome many harsh trials and tribulations, Jaysenlazy wants his fans to “take away my drive, ambition and emotion behind every song.” When listening to Jaysenlazy you can truly feel his emotions through the speaker. The way Jaysenlazy penetrates your soul is yet to be done by any other artist. He inspires all his fans to live life to its fullest and not waste a day on this precious earth.  

On May 10th, Jaysenlazy plans on releasing his newest album “Suicidal Depression”. The anticipation of this album has the whole industry buzzing. In this body of work, Jaysenlazy focused on creating an album that emphasized his family, love, and life. This is an extraordinary time for Jaysenlazy as he looks to crush the next endeavor of his already illustrious career. Be sure to follow Jaysenlazy and be on the lookout for his up-and-coming album “Suicidal Depression.”

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