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Interview with upcoming artist Norrisette

Interview with upcoming artist Norrisette
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Interview with upcoming artist Norrisette

How did you come by your stage name?

The name Norris sometimes means ‘Northerner’ and as a proud northerner having spent most of my life in either Newcastle or Manchester it seemed like a good fit to be called Norrisette.

When did you discover your love for your craft and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in it?

As soon as I could reach the piano I started playing it and must have driven the neighbors up the wall. The first song I wrote as a kid was called ‘Ducks’ and it was a masterpiece that went something like ‘Quack quack quack quack’ so I don’t think I’ll ever top that one.

I started writing songs more seriously as a teenager and then got distracted by classical music of all things, and trying to be an emo, but eventually (10 years later) I came back to songwriting and realized I wanted to be a producer and performer as well. Now I like to make everything myself including the videos, partly because I work for free and partly because I started doing this more seriously in a pandemic when I can’t leave the house!!

To what or whom do you accredit your sense of style?

One of the biggest influences on me is TOKiMONSTA: I’ve been listening to her music for 8 years now and there’s not a single track she’s made that I don’t love. Her use of random sounds she finds and her beautiful melodies plus some killer beats always draws me in. The first song I heard that made me stop in my tracks and think ‘wow – what is this??’ was Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide and Seek’. I have a vocoder and synthesizer now. And then I just listen to everyone and everything, really, from Mozart to FKA Twigs, so just absorb it all like a sponge.

Interview with upcoming artist Norrisette
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On your current project, how did you come up with the concept?

My latest EP ‘Alien’ came out yesterday and it’s a journey from a disco in outer space to Planet Earth… I guess a lot of music this year has been about isolation, but I’ve always identified with the image of the outsider and the alien or other, probably because I was a massive nerd growing up.

What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

My greatest demons include learning to be patient with a track and give it time, and learning how to write lyrics that are serious but not too serious. My work ethic is out of this world because I’m a completely obsessive and perfectionist, when I manage to get out of bed, that is…!

Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?

Hmm, well I think I have a LOT more to learn about production, songwriting, vocals, and many other things, but I’ve been a professional composer for ten years so I think I’ve got a lot of tools to use, and a lot of resilience and passion. Plus I put my entire heart and soul into everything I make, I want it to be musically and visually stunning and to communicate honestly.

What are your plans for the near future?

I want to make a lot of music! I would like to make another EP as there is something satisfying about the journey from one track to another, but I’m potentially too hyper to make a whole album in one go.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs?

A huge thank you to my new songwriting and artistic colleagues I’ve discovered on social media, who have been amazingly supportive even when I don’t feel great about myself: Barrie, Kele, Lexie, Tye, Stu… and so many more <3

How can fans find you?

My music is on Spotify:

I’m on Instagram:


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