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Interview With Artist Orchestrate96

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Interview With Artist Orchestrate96

Hi Orchestrate96! How are you?

“I am doing pretty well, working hard.”

Where are you from, Orchestrate96?

“I am from South Side, Houston, Texas.”

When did you start music?

“Before then, in 2017, I would produce tracks online. I did not start taking things seriously until 2018, when I recorded my first track in Houston, TX.”

Who Inspires you the most musically?

“At the beginning of my rap career, G-Eazy inspired me the most to make music. His earlier works were so raw and down to earth. That just motivated me by my authentic self when I write my verses. I currently listen to Saint Jhn, Juice Wrld, Comethazine, and Lil Baby on rotation. I enjoy their unique styles and cadences. Their sound is confident. I like surrounding myself with that type of energy.”

What is your best achievement as a musician?

“So far, my most outstanding achievement is inspiring others, whether known or unknown, to build a career in doing something they love. In addition, the release of my debut album called Young & Naive was also an outstanding achievement.”

Do you produce your music? If not, who do you work with to create your songs?

“I do not produce my instrumentals. I work with different producers virtually and in person. Home and overseas. Producers like Kevin Hues, Chain, Dru Stylez, and Kenwiza. Houston Producers like Big Kang, Tobin, and Bryant Troy, and a host of others.”

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

“Drive to struggle when things get tough, motivation to make more money, and become better versions of themselves. You can make a career from something your hobby.”

Any new music coming out soon?

“I am working on a second long-play album but, I have a different approach to releasing this album. It would be called Money Baby.”

Keep up with Orchestrate96 on Instagram: @orchestrate96

Check out his music:

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