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HighLee Mansa Is a Pro In All Aspects Of Music Making and Keeping It Real

HighLee Mansa
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HighLee Mansa Is a Pro In All Aspects Of Music Making and Keeping It Real

HighLee Mansa has just started to dip into the music industry as he’s been recording and making music seriously since January 2021. This doesn’t mean, however, that he isn’t just as ahead of the game as anyone else.

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, he’s always had a passion for music— coming from a musical family himself. As he currently produces and writes all his own music, he inspires listeners to be able to really engage and connect with the stories that he portrays with every verse. “The new music I have coming out honestly consists of different vibes, real chilled vibes that’ll make you want to take a ride with the top down, some vibes that will make you want to light one up or sip on something, and some club type vibes as well”. The soulful, articulate, and feel-good type of sound is shown immensely behind HighLee Mansa’s music.

A huge challenge Mansa had to over face was the vulnerability that comes with being a musical artist. “The challenge with being vulnerable is the simple fact you only obtain die-hard fans when you open yourself up in your music and give them something they can truly connect with. But in the process of opening yourself up, do you really want people to know your secrets, thoughts, and what’s truly inside of your heart and mind that you hardly don’t even want to discuss with yourself? That’s definitely a challenge”. But overcoming these obstacles is what makes him the musical artist he is today, as on a weekly basis he receives DM’s from all across the globe on how his powerful music inspires others which encourages him to keep going.

His new music consists of all different vibes, as he’s in the works on his next album. Stay tuned as HighLee Mansa does raffles as well as giveaways for his new merchandise that just launched.

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