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Heather Hobbs Is Enacting Her Dream

Heather Hobbs
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Heather Hobbs Is Enacting Her Dream

After performing at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, having her music played on Dash Radio, and putting out a beautiful single titled “Summer” all in the course of the past year, Heather Hobbs is growing everyday and is becoming an absolutely amazing talent in the music industry.

With her start in singing beginning at only the age of eight, Heather Hobbs has done nothing but master her craft and create her own unique sound ever since day one. With each release, including her newest single “Summer”, Heather Hobbs keeps getting better and better. Her vocals always sound warm and soulful and work to bring the entirety of the song together. You can hear her love for music right away in all of her songs. “I love music” Hobbs said, “it’s my passion, I will be successful.” Her overall drive to create and grow as an artist is nothing short of inspirational. Her willingness to do whatever it takes to grow her music is amazing. As she grows everyday, Heather Hobbs is showing just how much she loves and cares about her craft.

If you haven’t given Heather Hobbs a listen, certainly treat yourself to any song of hers. With the release of “Summer” you can also look forward to her upcoming release that is scheduled to drop in October.

In the meantime, you can keep up with Heather Hobbs on Instagram here, as well as listen to all of her past and present releases on her Spotify artist page here.

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