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Have you soul healed by Walid Mostafi’s new track “Self healing”

Walid Mustafi
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Have you soul healed by Walid Mostafi’s new track “Self healing”

“Self healing,” Walid Mostafi’s most recent song, has astonished his fans once again. Within weeks after its release, the song has surpassed Spotify’s records. Walid is now causing quite a stir. He’s on his way to becoming a well-known artist as a result of the song.

Walid is a fresh musician that has only recently started his career. He isn’t, however, a novice. The music of David Guerra and Tiesto has had a huge effect on him. So, his music isn’t unprofessional, at the very least. His music is an example of a competent musician’s work. Because of its remarkable quality, his music has become well-known. Walid has grabbed the curiosity of everyone.

Walid is distinguished from the other characters in the story by the song “Self healing.” His voice has a distinct tone to it. His brilliance is undeniable. Right now, he’s a breath of new air in the music world. He’s starting to make an impact and go in the right direction. In the future, we should expect a lot more from him.

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