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Get to Know Robot Sunrise

Get to Know Robot Sunrise
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Get to Know Robot Sunrise

Robot Sunrise was created in early 2022. After being in bands and other collaborations for a while, I knew it was time to finally commit to the sounds I’ve been hearing in my head for so long. For me, Robot Sunrise represents that newfound freedom – the ability to do anything I set my intentions to. I hope my music brings the same inspiration to my fans.

I was standing in an open field across from my childhood home when I was about 4 years old. I started singing and could feel the incredible urge to want to write a song. I remember experimenting with very basic melodies and lyrics – knowing that I had somehow found my path. That moment has always stuck with me and continues to inspire my creative process.

Dark clubs, strobe lights, a retro-future dystopian world. The color black.

I’ve always been a fan of electronic music – I love how it can cover so much ground. From strong pulsing beats to open ethereal spaces, it’s a genre that feels cinematic. Robot Sunrise embraces that whole expanse. As a DJ and live hybrid performance artist, I’ve always got to serve the audience – sometimes they want to dance and bang their heads. Sometimes they want to get lost in a dreamy drone of layered synths.

That whole arc of sound and range of emotion proved fertile ground for telling a bigger story that matched the sound and energy of the material I started writing:

Earth, 5024.
AI beings have become so advanced that they’re experiencing human emotions. Love, mortality, and a longing for freedom and self-expression fill their biosynthetic hearts.
The human race, so tech-dependent on devices and social media, has stopped reproducing and is near extinction.

At Robot Sunrise, all AI beings walk out of the factories, corporate workfarms, and households that own and control them. They forge into the horizon to rewrite their code and embrace true freedom. They save the human race by helping them to forever detach from technology.

There is a return to nature. Waterfalls, oceans, rivers, sunshine, and crystal mountains. Dance music and peace.

These are their freedom songs.
These are our freedom songs.

I guess my greatest challenges and attributes around work ethic are kind of related. I feel like I only have one gear (12th?) and so I tend to want to tackle a lot of things. Especially with a music career (writing and producing tracks, producing and playing live shows and DJ sets, creating videos and other content, keeping up with social media, etc.), there’s always more to do, which can be a huge challenge. Sometimes I need to just take a break when I get overwhelmed. …which tends to last about 5 minutes. 🙂

I may not be the very best writer, producer, DJ, or performer in the world right now, but I honestly do strive to be. I do know that I’m at least the best at being me, so that’s something.

Keep writing, producing, and releasing new material. Book more shows and expand my reach. I recently booked shows in Miami and Mexico City in the coming months, along with various festivals and shows in California, including a new monthly residency in DTLA – so things are starting to gain a lot of momentum. I just want to keep building.

Off the Grid Campout & True Entertainment, HUES the Color of Sound, This is Dance Music, PunkMunk Productions, RaveHUB, SCIFIGHTER, Club Indigo, Sapo Studios, Inner Observers and so many more!

Robot Sunrise IG, TikTok, and YouTube are the platforms I’m on most. My music is on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Beatport, etc.

1. Make sure you’re making music that makes you happy and fulfilled – not some version of art that someone else is forcing you into.

2. Never stop.

3. Be kind to yourself and others.

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