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Female Hip Hop Artist Asheba Wadley aka Gold Lays Down Bars In “helping hand”

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Female Hip Hop Artist Asheba Wadley aka Gold Lays Down Bars In “helping hand”

Coming from a family of hustlers who have overcome their fair share of struggles, Asheba Wadley, aka Gold is a female hip hop artist looking to make her way through the music industry. Having been involved in the music scene for nearly 5 years now, Gold is stepping up her game and finding new ways to get her name out there. She recently released her latest single “helping hand” and is building momentum going forward.

helping hand” is jammed packed with bars where Gold keeps it real. Through her unique lyricism she depicts an image of all the past people who never batted an eye to help her when she was down, but now want to be a part of it now that she’s up. A common problem that many people deal with nowadays, Gold creates a psychological connection with her fans when they realize she isn’t any different than them.

helping hand” is a certified hit and you should check it out on all streaming platforms. As for Gold, there is plenty more where this hit came from and anticipation builds as her fans wait for her next single. Keep an eye on Gold for what is to come in the near future.

Listen to Asheba Wadley aka Gold’s Newest Single “helping hand” on Spotify here.

Follow Asheba Wadley aka Gold on Instagram here.

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