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Felitche Brings Life Back Into the Music Industry With “Vamo a Toa”

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Felitche Brings Life Back Into the Music Industry With “Vamo a Toa”

Just a few months ago in October Felitche, who is a DJ from Canada, released his dance track called “Vamo a Toa”. At time, the Canadia’s DJs release did well but it hasn’t been until now that his club-hit-single has been taking off.

With “Vamo a Toa” already hitting a milestone of a quarter-million plays as of recent, it’s clear that people still love their dance tracks. Throughout the song, Felitche’s production pounds the listener with high energy mixed with steady instrumental rhythms that all tie in together perfectly. The track is also fairly short at 2 minutes and thirty eight seconds which makes the song more likely to be replayed over and over. 

This second push of attention for “Vamo a Toa” has given Felitche a perfect amount of momentum going into the new year. Now going at 2021 with a full head of steam, Felitche will be an interesting artist to watch grow in the new year.

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Listen to Felitche’s “Vamo a Toa” here

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