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Energetic Superstar Brandon Hale, aka RealXman Offers Up New Hit Single “TOOT$iE”

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Energetic Superstar Brandon Hale, aka RealXman Offers Up New Hit Single “TOOT$iE”

Currently living in North Carolina is promising hip hop artist Brandon Hale who goes by the stage name of RealXman. For Brandon, it has always seemed like he was destined to entertain. He has been involved in a handful of different areas in the entertainment space including hip hop dance and cheerleading before making his way into the world of music as an artist and he is now setting his sights for the top. Determined to make a name for himself, RealXman just dropped his latest single called “TOOT$iE” and it is well worth the listen.

TOOT$iE” is a high-energy track that has you feeling some type of way after your first initial listen. Captivating his audience with his melodious vocals and unique style of lyricism, RealXman will have you feeling like happy feet for the entire three minutes and fifty-two seconds. As he and Lardi B turn up the hype, it becomes apparent that this track needs to be on everyone’s dance playlist for summer 2021.

With “TOOT$iE” growing in hype leading into the warm month of the year, look for this song to be played everywhere this summer. RealXman is up to something big this year and you’re not going to want to miss out.

Stream RealXman’s “TOOT$iE” on Spotify here.

Follow RealXman on Instagram here.

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