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DarwinLives Sets the Mood with New Song “Scenic”

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DarwinLives Sets the Mood with New Song “Scenic”

Growing up in New York, DarwinLives learned to appreciate the traditional flow of the hip hop music that comes from his area. As he continues to pursue a career in the music industry, DarwinLives always goes back roots one way or another. A perfect example of DarwinLives style comes out in his new song “Scenic.”

Scenic” takes you back to a day where you are cruising in your car, getting lost in the beauty of everything around you as you drive past it. You get caught up in the beauty of the beat much like you get caught up in the beauty of nature, quite ironic if you think about it.

Scenic” is soothing to the ears and should be added to anyone’s kickback and chill playlist.

Stream DarwinLives “Scenic” on Spotify here.

Follow DarwinLives’ on Instagram here.

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