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Colombian-Born Artist Juandisemo Harnesses The Electricity To Be Rap’s Next Big Star

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Colombian-Born Artist Juandisemo Harnesses The Electricity To Be Rap’s Next Big Star

Somewhere between his Colombian heritage and his American upbringing, Florida based rapper Juandisemo fell in love with music. Inspired by the likes of Kid Ink and Wiz Khalifa, Juandisemo is a self-motivated, independent artist who moved to America from Cali, Colombia, with his mother and sisters when he was only nine years old. Discovering new opportunities to pursue as he grew older in the States, Juandisemo made it his goal to take advantage of what was available to him in this new country in order to provide for his family moving forward. 

In 2018, Juandisemo teamed up with a Florida artist management company who was able to take his sound and image to a whole new level. With the help of his management team, the rising Florida rapper has been able to focus on his craft, record new music, and steadily work towards his goal of providing for his family and friends. If you truly love [your work],” Juandisemo shares, “you will always be willing to put your everything into it.”

Since 2019, Juandisemo has been able to release several singles through Loudpack Lifestlyes while working on his upcoming full-length projects. Highlighting these releases is the 2020 track “Fuego”, a funky and hard-hitting club track that has amassed over 250,000 streams on Spotify alone. Currently, Juandisemo is working on not one, but two full-length releases that are set to drop over the course of the next year. “I plan to drop Spark Up 2 sometime this summer it’s going to have about 8 – 10 tracks on it,” the rapper shares. He continues, “I also plan to drop LiveLifeLitt2 sometime in early 2022, which will be one of my biggest projects ever.” An electric artist with a diverse background, Juandisemo is a name to get familiar with in the hip-hop scene.

Follow Juandisemo on Instagram (@iamjuandisemo) and listen to “Fuego” and other tracks by the Florida artist here.

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