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Catching Up With Rising Christian Hip Hop Artist Da Rich 1

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Catching Up With Rising Christian Hip Hop Artist Da Rich 1

Muzique Mag Interviews Da Rich 1

Hello, Da Rich 1! How is everything going?

Wassup! Everything is going really well, I’m having a wonderful time at ministry college and music is showing a lot of promise. 

Who is one artist you’ve been listening to all year?

An Artist I really listened to in 2020 was my brother Scootie Wop. His music is so calming and to see how effortlessly he can create music is motivation to me. 

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned while being in the game?

The Biggest lesson I’ve learned in this Music Industry is that relationships are the key. If you aren’t good at listening to people, loving people, and overall being there for the people around you, this is a very cold industry. Most opportunities come from relationship building.

What are some major milestones you hit this year?

Some of my biggest milestones in 2020 was that I had over 700k streams across all platforms, dropped a song with one of my favorite artists (Canon) and had the #1 Song on the biggest Christian Rap network (Rapzilla) for about 2 straight Months.

What new music do you plan to release next year?

I actually plan to release a ton of new music this year with some really dope artists.  There is a big collab I am hoping to land and hopefully it can really please my fan base! 

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affect you as an artist?

Covid-19 affected me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I wasn’t able to tour, I usually walk around at 170lbs max and I got up to 250lbs in quarantine! It had me in a depressed place mentally and physically, however I had to make the decision for myself to not let my situation define my outcome

What is your next big move?

My next big move, and you guys are the first people to know this but I will be releasing my Debut Album “DEON” on my 21st birthday MARCH 19th! Stay tuned because I will be giving away off-white Jordan’s, merch and gift cards!

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