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Famous Cannabis Brand Zkittlez Teams Up with Seven Leaves to Drop 5 New Cannabis Strains

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Famous Cannabis Brand Zkittlez Teams Up with Seven Leaves to Drop 5 New Cannabis Strains

Photo by Charles Masters

A massive collaboration has just hit the cannabis world.

Industry giants Zkittlez and Seven Leaves have been on top of the game for years. Now, they’ve joined forces to release brand new, ambitious products into the cannabis market.

This partnership has been highly anticipated by California consumers and has now come to fruition.

Zkittlez, a legacy brand, has risen as a significant competitor internationally. Popularizing exotic strains of cannabis, Zkittlez’s unique strain profiles have set it apart from its competition. Winning countless titles and bred by award-winning breeders, Zkittlez brings a lot to the table in this cannabis collaboration.

With Seven Leaves providing ground-breaking cultivating methods that have been producing high-end products for over a decade, the pair of cannabis giants have set out to drop five brand new cannabis strains into the market.

The first of the five strains, “ZRUNTZ,” has already been released, met with high praise, and selling out in most locations within days. The following strains are set to release across California locations in the coming weeks.

Follow Seven Leaves on Instagram here.

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