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Nebraska Rapper Call Me Hood Is Rising To Viral Triumph

Nebraska Rapper Call Me Hood Is Rising To Viral Triumph
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Nebraska Rapper Call Me Hood Is Rising To Viral Triumph

Brought up in Omaha, Nebraska, Call Me Hood’s talent quickly led to a career in music. Today, the star has 215K subscribers on his YouTube channel HoodGamingTV who follow him to hear his original music and watch his comedy and prank call videos.

Otherwise known as David Mitchell (Dave to his friends), the rap and hip-hop artist and producer also has 22.9K followers on his second channel called Call Me Hood.

A World Of Music

The 29-year-old musician combines his love of music with his favorite pastime, gaming, to produce unique songs and videos. On YouTube, you can watch his original tracks for songs like Fortnite Vbucks, Solluminati, I Think I’m PacMan, and Modded PSI (showing him playing a PlayStation game on his giant TV). They are also available on other major streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Over the years, David has also produced and posted his comedy and prank videos so loved by his followers, who look forward to every new addition. Both older and recent pranks have fans in stitches as Call Me Hood takes them through the paces with themes like the Racist Funeral Parlor, Man Finds Rat in His Taco, and Can You Watch My German Shephard.

“Writing and posting my music videos is such a great pleasure, man,” says David. “It is wonderful knowing you can make your music available to a community of over two billion people worldwide.”

Gaming and Business

Thanks to his grandma – GMA, who introduced him to the world of video games, Call Me Hood has a passion for playing them. Since he is so avid about games, he not only includes themes from them in his songs but has also turned his hobby into a second career.

Like millions of other Americans, Hood grabbed the opportunity to become a small business entrepreneur. Today, he is the owner of several stores in Iowa and Nebraska for anyone wanting to buy, sell, trade, or even repair various brands of video games.

Reaching Out to Others

A firm believer in reaching out to his fans, Call Me Hood remains active where they can see him and keep in touch on YouTube and Instagram. David once also ran for a political position a few years ago, and he plans to do so again in the future. He dreams of becoming a strong voice for his community, a person who can lead others by example.

David is talented in more ways than one, and he has selected to use his talents positively by producing his music and his own funny videos that keep his fans coming back for more. He is a well-spoken and discerning artist, and his songs are instantly catchy and full of meaning. One thing is sure; Hood does not mince his words when he has a message to get across to his fans.

In addition, he takes personal issues with people who mistreat and discriminate against others and does not hesitate to expose his feelings in his shows or by writing songs.

One example of a song born out of his need to correct wrongs is “Twitter Fingers” and the related video in which he explains how the track was inspired. The song talks about a real-life situation that included racism and the leakage of a sex tape involving another gamer. David says: “There is no place for hatred and racism. Life is about peace and living together in harmony in all our communities.”

Never Giving Up

Since 2015, David has worked on his dream to reach one million subs. Over the years, he has seen his videos wiped off his channel (see his song DriftOr and its intro to understand) and had other issues, but David doesn’t give up because he is busy doing what he loves. David says: “I’m Hood, and I am just a young black male who loves to make people laugh with his knack for entertaining an audience.”

Hood’s determination is admirable, and as the gamer continues to reap the benefits and pleasures of the music and gaming world, we keep watching as his fans. We hope he also manages to make his other dream of serving the public come true very soon!


Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Muzique Magazine Alfred Munoz, is an American Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Leadership, Management, and Branding.


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