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California-Based Artist Manager Damon Moreno & his Co-Founder Chris Potter Step Up & Streamline Gig Booking For Independent Musicians Worldwide


California-Based Artist Manager Damon Moreno & his Co-Founder Chris Potter Step Up & Streamline Gig Booking For Independent Musicians Worldwide

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Get-Gigs founder Damon Moreno on The Red Carpet at The Grammys in Los Angeles

There is significant excitement revolving around the recently launched gig booking platform The California-based startup simplifies the gig booking process for independent musicians, promoters, and venues. Get-Gigs dramatically reduces traditional booking friction by uniting like-minded users, facilitating gig swaps, and providing a filterable list of currently available gigs. The initial aim was to build a simple gig booking tool for their artist friends. However, the platforms’ approach has wholly democratized the booking process and is now experiencing rapid user growth.

So with the strum of the guitar, Get-Gigs is fast becoming the gig booking go-to for independent musicians and venues around the world.

Get-Gigs is free for users and supplies an easy-to-use, all-inclusive community concentrated solely on booking live gigs. was officially launched on January 1st, 2022, and has musicians, promoters, and venues from all over posting gig swaps, booking help, and gig opportunities in their respective areas. One of the key features and main advantages for the musicians using Get-Gigs is their ability to book more gigs in different cities through Gig Swaps, where you trade a show with an artist from another city. The cooperative exchange allows out-of-town artists to come open your gig, and in return, they let you come open theirs. We can book you here if you book us there.  And it’s even easier to find gigs to get you from town to town if you are an independent traveling musician. It’s a bit like meets the sharing culture of Airbnb.

The cooperative community approach of Get-Gigs is an effective way for musicians to enjoy a mutually beneficial booking experience. The gig exchange between musicians encourages camaraderie and fan base growth while sidestepping the traditional cold calling of clubs and non-responsive booking agents. Musicians can also filter and request the available gigs posted by the promoters, hosts, and booking agents on Get-Gigs.       

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Damon Moreno (R) and Christopher Potter (L) at Get-Gigs HQ in California.

Speaking with Damon Moreno, founder of Get-Gigs, I observed his passion with this statement, “As a longtime musician and artist manager, I was extremely passionate about simplifying the booking process for independent artists.” Too often, he observed quality musicians of all genres struggling to secure solid gigs outside of their hometowns. Therefore he continued, “I was determined to create a booking community with a filterable, real-time list of currently available gigs and contacts.”

Quickly looking through the platform, I found hundreds of gig opportunities, new connections being made, and community members of such diversity. It’s the first booking community of its kind because it focuses on gig swaps, currently available gigs, and active booking contacts when other booking sites are largely outdated lists of venues to cold call. Damon Moreno, his co-founder Christopher Potter, and the team at Get-Gigs are clearly focused on transforming independent gig booking with its forward-thinking and disruptive booking solution. Damon adds, “Our approach with Get-Gigs is working because Chris and I have combined our DIY musicians’ spirit with technology to help solve the booking bottleneck.”

It’s incredibly gratifying for the artists to be able to create a profile and instantly see available gigs. The traditional booking approach of sending 1000 cold emails out to venues and often never hearing back is painfully outdated. The focus with Get-Gigs is empowering and connecting the musicians & hosts interested in booking gigs and networking today. There are tens of thousands of talented independent artists that don’t have management or booking help to take on these logistical initiatives and archaic gatekeeping practices that unnecessarily keep key information and access in the hands of a few, but Get-Gigs democratizes that access and counters competition with community and facilitates a new way for artists to succeed and achieve their booking goals.

Get-Gigs offers free profiles, a filterable feed of currently available gigs, auto-generated promo flyers and booking agreements, social promo integration, community accountability features, and more to unite and simplify the live gig booking process for everybody involved.

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