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Blast Off Into Space With Foletown’s New Single “Space”

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Blast Off Into Space With Foletown’s New Single “Space”

Foletown, a house musician based out of Miami, has recently released his new single “Space.” With a little over 4000 streams, this song is creating quite a turbulence, boosting his popularity.

Foletown is known for his music that revolves around embodying the dance and house music genre, where it is now, and where it started. Respecting the beginnings of the genre, he produces his works which renown him as a unique artist.

“Space” represents the melancholy of being thrust into an unknown territory filled with uncertainties. The electrifying beats capture the state of mind of being out in such a situation with picture-perfect accuracy. This is one of the reasons why the fame and popularity of Foletown are on the rise every day.

“Space” is a part of a three-song EP. The other songs, “Atmosphere” and “Sauced,” are also rising on the horizon. Rumor Records have certainly outdone themselves with the production of this EP. The songs support each other to create an experience like none other. 

Listen to “Space” on Spotify below.

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