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Blacc Cuzz Brings you the Life in the Streets with his New Single “Turn On Me”


Blacc Cuzz Brings you the Life in the Streets with his New Single “Turn On Me”

Blacc Cuzz is as authentic and true to life as they come. Raised on the toughest streets in the hoods of Pittsburgh, PA he has faced many troubles and life-changing events. Life on the streets, drug dealing, incarceration, and death is only a fraction of the trials he has dealt with. Blacc brings these problems that would have crushed weaker men with him to an industry that craves authenticity. He takes real-life experience and crafts them into dazzling lyrics accompanied by seductive and spellbinding beats.

In Blacc Cuzz’s newest hit single “Turn On Me” he raps about dealing drugs and how a so-called friend can snitch you out to the authorities. From slinging bricks together and driving a Beamer around at 16 to being ousted by a rat and spending time in prison, Blacc Cuzz is no stranger to a life of crime on the streets and has taken these experiences to create hard-hitting truthful lyrics with engrossing trappy beats. “Turn On Me” exposes that even someone you call a homie could turn their back and do you dirty by getting you locked up.

From Rags to Riches

Blacc Cuzz is the real deal and crafts his lyrics using true to life stories. As a younger version of himself, Blacc participated in the street life where he was constantly faced with life and death decisions. Regardless of the hardships he persevered on and used those difficult times to help build him up.  With his love of music, Blacc decided he would start his record label and called it Dream Big Empire. At first, his goal was to support other local rappers and emerging artists. After several business ventures that did not pan out, Blacc Cuzz found himself a little disenchanted with the industry.

While tagging along on tour with 8Ball and MJG, he was inspired to start rapping himself. He began to realize that all this time the rapper he was looking for was looking back from the mirror the whole time. He signed himself and in 2018, Blacc Cuzz’s first hits began to take shape with lyrics about the pain and fame of street life with fresh samples and uncompromising trap beats. Throughout 2018 he recorded and released his original hit singles “I’m Rich,” “Thug Cry,” and “All On Me.” In 2019 Blacc Cuzz continued to record and release leading to his newest single for 2020 “Turn On Me.”

The Truth Will Free Your Mind

“Turn On Me” takes Blacc’s real life and turns it into a straight-talking narrative backed by tough all out rhythms. Life in the streets has been never easy and he dishes out the truth about what can go down even from those that you trust. If you are searching for an upfront and badass take on street life, be sure to check out Blacc Cuzz’s newest hit single “Turn On Me.” Coming at you from the most authentic rap artist who spent time on the streets. In an industry that is losing its focus and watering down be sure to check out the real deal, Blacc Cuzz.

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